East Africa, Kenya

Meru National Park


A less-visited, very African part of Africa, Meru rises on the broad northeastern slopes of Mount Kenya, in the country’s Central Highlands, straddling the equator at mile-high elevations. Meru National Park’s classic bush landscapes support a healthy and varied faunal population, including elephants, hippos, bush pigs, cheetahs, stately elands, simultaneously dainty and massive giraffes, hartebeest, Cape buffalos, Grevy’s zebras, and more than 427 bird species.

Meru was the home of Elsa the Lioness, who achieved great fame decades ago when Born Free, a book (and a memorable song) about her adoption by George and Joy Admanson and their attempt to acclimate her to a natural lion’s life, became something of a worldwide sensation. This is an old story worth revisiting, good reading on a still and serene Meru afternoon graced with birdsong.

Out of a sapphire sea rose a coral island of incandescent green studded with groves of coconut and mango and orchards of cloves, the palm forest deck with pink convolvulus, a thin line of surf beating languidly on the milk-white sand.

Thomas Pakenham, Author of the indispensable The Scramble for Africa Tweet

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Meru National Park


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